Lead Smart, Well-planned Redevelopment Work

Chuck Bennett believes that protecting Salem taxpayers’ investments in buildings, water and sewer, streets and sidewalks, bridges and parks is the responsibility of every Mayor and council.

Since 1980, city leaders have known the police facility was way too small and needed safety and structural improvements. They left the work for this generation. Bennett was a vocal advocate for the new police facility being built now. 

Maintaining taxpayer-owned assets will avoid foisting debt onto our children and grandchildren, debt that would only grow over time.

Other infrastructure projects Bennett has supported and encouraged include:


  • Building a new Willamette River Crossing
  • Seismic upgrades on existing Willamette River bridges and City Hall;
  • Maintenance of the city’s outstanding water and wastewater treatment systems;
  • Improved flood control projects in South and Central Salem;
  • Continued work to improve Salem’s streets and sidewalks;
  •  Bridges between Riverfront, Wallace Marine and Minto Island parks. This gives us a 26-mile pedestrian and bike trail running through downtown and three major parks.
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